This is the home page of Illustrator E. P. O'Connor. I work mainly in pen and ink and colored pencil, but use whatever medium the job requires.   If you would like to purchase a print I have for sale or commission an illustration or portrait, please contact me through e-mail or snail mail..
Below are a few prints that I have available for sale.
Dragon's Leer
16 x 20  $30.00 each
Signed and numbered limited edition
Lazy Lizard
11 x 14  $25.00 each
          11 x 14   $25.00 each 
11 x 14   $25.00 each
   Shown below are a few examples of my  illustration and portrait work. They are not for sale.
Commissioned portraits
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Old Harley
11 x 14   $25.00 each
  Signed and numbered edition
16 x16  $60.00 each
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Where There's a Wilt,
There's a  Way !
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The Chase
Egyptian Dreams
My patriotic tribute.